The last 2 days of my trip were without internet, so I will post about the 2nd half of my drive in another post. I wanted to send an update first, so you aren’t left wondering…did she arrive? Is she in a ditch somewhere? Lol! You’re welcome!

Yesterday was my first full day in my new home. What a wonderful day it was…yesterday just happened to be Open House day at the local wineries! Who cares about sorting and unpacking…lets go wine tasting!  We visited three local wineries: Ovino, Larch Hills and Sunnybrae. We came home with 4 bottles of reds and 2 bottles of whites. Oh my, you haven’t tasted wine until you’ve tasted it right from the winery and from grapes they grew themselves!

Kelly did my homecoming justice. The house was immaculate. Freshly painted, freshly floored (see this post for before & after photos). We still have the bathroom, the entrance room and the Kelly’s den to renovate, but those can wait until spring.

Oh, my! I am really retired! At age 52! It hasn’t quite sunk in yet…

Here is my den. I’ve been living out of these two bins since the end of June! I can’t wait to unpack my sewing supplies and make this room completely my own. I still don’t know what I want to call it. I don’t want to call it my “sewing room” because a lot more will be going on in here besides sewing. It will be my sewing/yoga/dance/writing room. That’s a lot of activity in a tiny 9 x 11 room!

Studio? Office? Den? Suggestions welcome!

binsAnd here is my computer set up in my den 🙂


Good enough for now. Until I am quite a bit more organized and ready to decide where to hang shelves etc.

After we got home from the wine tastings, I decided that I wanted to put up the Christmas tree! I know, I know…I can hear what you are thinking! Crazy!


But it feels so much more like home now, with my own little tree and familiar family ornaments.


…and look! I finally have a mantel to decorate!


  1. you sound like the kind of person who would name things – what about giving your room a name that has special meaning to you, and would reflect your love of life and creativity. Glad you made it safely!

  2. I am so glad you have arrived. I was wondering why we weren’t hearing from you but not all of Canada has internet contrary to the beliefs of some. Enjoy your new home, being with your husband and retirement. I would recommend retirement for anyone; it just takes some time to adjust to the freedom.

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