A boat!

One of the things we budgeted for in our retirement plan was to buy a boat. Well…a bigger boat than our 10 foot Zodiac. We had some criteria:

Not too big…we wanted to be able to tow it behind the Toyota with the camper on.

Not too small…we wanted to be able to relax in it and be comfortable.We want to fish. Or rather, Kelly wants to fish. I want to knit while he fishes, occasionally jumping in the water to cool off with a swim around the boat.

Powerful enough to pull a tube or wake board. But reasonably good on gas…no sense having a boat if we can only afford to use it now and then. We want to be out on the water a LOT!

We looked at a lot of boats and finally settled on 16 to 17 feet as the ideal size for the two of us (and an occasional guest or two). We also decided on an outboard rather than an inboard motor. This is because Kelly knows outboards from our days in the Coast Guard (did you know we were lighthouse keepers in a previous life?). Inboards, not so much. We finally found this 16.5 foot Campion with a 90 HP Yamaha outboard motor.

This picture is in case any men are reading this post. I doubt the ladies will care.
It was living in Prince George. So we drove up on Wednesday and towed it home last night. 16 hours round trip.
And in case your eye was drawn to the greenery, here’s what’s growing in my mystery beds so far:





Garden approved by Samson. He is reserving judgement on the boat.


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