Bookmarks the Spot

My goodness, this has been a busy week. Since I committed to attempting to write 50,000 words as part of nanowrimo, my time has been completely taken up. I am a slow, slow writer. Sometimes it takes me all day long to reach my daily goal of 1650 words, the amount I will need to average if I’m to reach the 50,000 mark by midnight on November 30th. Yesterday was a bit of a bust.Β  My entire morning and early afternoon was taken up by the last minute decision to check out the Shuswap Needle Arts Guild. Of course, I came home in the mood to stitch, not to write, and I only managed 700 words. Argh. Well, it’s the spirit that counts, right? It’s all about balance.


So to rid myself of the stitching urge, I made this sweet little bookmark after supper while we watched Man of Steel, which Mr. C brought home from the library yesterday.


She is hand embroidered on tone-on-tone quilting cotton. I used heavy Pellon interfacing to give her some weight and backed her with this sweet 1930s repro print.


The pattern is from Little Stitches by Aneela Hoey. I’ve had this wonderful book for an entire year. I got it for Christmas last year and this is the first project I’ve made form it.


What’s keeping me away from the keyboard this morning?


…a fresh loaf of sourdough artisian bread, fresh from the oven.

What are you procrastinating about today?


  1. I’m procrastinating by looking at my emails and responding to blog comments. πŸ™‚ I was confused when I read the first comment “dropping by from Blogathon Canada blog hop” but of course you are in BC now!

  2. Such a good idea for a bookmark – I love it! Your sourdough bread looks delicious – would you consider sharing your recipe? It’s too early in the morning for me to even think about procrastinating. πŸ™‚

  3. Today/this week/month all my procrastinating is due to playing with babies! So I procrastinate working on quilting/cross-stitch projects, doing housework, even reading! But love the bookmark, what a nice little quick project and perfect gift for a reader. And that sourdough! I’ve been wanting to start some sourdough and make all those wonderful sourdough breads and cakes – just haven’t even been home long enough to do that, but maybe after this trip….. Just have to find some starter!

  4. I should be cleaning the house in preparation for an invasion of 6-year-olds tomorrow. Six 6-year-olds for 2.5 hours and feeding upon cake. But I’m on my computer instead. Hrm.

    I loooove the bookmark! So sweet!

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