the alliterative letter U and an Undertaking

University undergraduate Ursula underestimated her uniquely ugly Ukranian uncle Ulric as he ululated and undulated under his umber-coloured umbrella. 

Phew! Now for the undertaking:

Yesterday I took it upon myself to make a small gift for our egg lady. Every couple of weeks either Mr. C or  I knock on her door and buy a dozen or two fresh farm eggs. She’s usually baking something and her kitchen always smells wonderful. The last time I bought eggs, I told her that I was baking a red velvet cake for Michael’s 30th birthday and she asked me what kind of food colouring I was using. I told her and she said “no, no…use this instead” and she gave me a little jar of paste. There would be just enough left in the jar for one cake, she said. The cake turned out beautifully, thanks to her unselfish generosity. 


To say thank you, I made this little mat for her coffee cup to sit on while she’s in the kitchen. I’ll take it up next time I go for eggs. Since I only have one egg left, it won’t be long. 


   Iā€™m participating in the Blogging From A-Z challenge.  One blog post for each letter of the alphabet, each day of April (exceptSunday).



  1. How sweet of you, and of her! I like the comment above mine, from fawnahareo. Your mug mat is wonderful and will no doubt receive unceasing use. =)

  2. How sweet! I love it. šŸ˜€

    Was it Wilton colouring paste? The paste colours come out so vibrant! I loved using it for playdough and frosting.

    Also, I think Ursula should only underestimate her uncle UNTIL he starts ululating and undulating. Because at that point, shouldn’t she become aware of his amazing qualities?

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