The bellydancer in my life, part 1

When I was a young girl in the 70s, my mom started taking bellydance classes at Tacoma Community College.  I remember being fascinated by my mom’s dancing, by the costumes and especially by the music.  She had wonderful albums with tantalizing pictures on the fronts of them…George Abdo’s “The Art of Bellydance” and “Strictly Belly Dancing” by… Continue reading The bellydancer in my life, part 1

Haley’s Quilt

Last night most of the dancers in my troupe got together to send one of our members off to school. This was very special for me, because Haley started dancing with me at the ripe young age of eleven! She came to dance classes with her mom, and then because her mom was a troupe member,… Continue reading Haley’s Quilt

When Seeing is Believing

I’ve been pretty lucky in my weight loss journey – I’ve  recorded a  loss at nearly every single weight watchers meeting until about 2 months ago when we got back from our trip to Australia. It’s been unbelievably easy until now. Now, I am at the dreaded plateau. And it’s all my own doing.  I’ve picked up… Continue reading When Seeing is Believing

Letters from Whitehorse

I used to be a very good at writing letters. Since I was a little girl, I wrote letters and kept a diary.  As I’ve gotten older – and lets be truthful – as I’ve gotten used to the internet and email – I don’t write anymore. At all. And I miss it!  I remember… Continue reading Letters from Whitehorse

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