Thursday morning at the Haven: Gabriola Island

I’m lounging in my warm bed snuggled up with pillows waiting for my turn in the bathroom. The window is open and outside I can her the rain falling through the forest, punctuated by the sound of heavy drops from the branches. There is a frog somewhere just outside the window, and an eagle is voicing out over the water.

I have been working on socks during breaks. It is soothing after what are proving to be difficult and intense sessions.


On the go!

We arrived in Vancouver and then caught a shuttle to Harbour Air for the flight to Nanaimo. This is our ride ( the big one). Whoop whoop! I LOVE flying and was so excited when I realized we would be in a float plane. Silly me…the name “Harbour Air” didn’t give away the surprise at all! I was a bit disappointed that we’ll be in the larger one instead of the smaller, but really, it’s so exciting that it doesn’t really matter. Maybe Hubby will leave a comment taking what kinds of planes these are. The big one is an Otter, I think.