Lets go to…Norway!

Well, my Introduction to the Circumpolar North course has ended, and …

insert drum roll here…

I got an A+. Yup, you read that right! A Plus!!!! Whoooeee!

In honour of this remarkable achievement, let’s brew ourselves a cup of glögg and continue our crafty bloggers tour of the Circumpolar North! Let’s go to Norway!

These blogs are all registered at Quilting Blogs (see the link on the sidebar), making them relatively easy to find. I had a few chuckles with google translator’s interpretation at times…that is definately worth a laugh if you need one! Thank you to all the lovely bloggers who registered and who are featured here.

Without further ado…Leka at LekaQuilt makes and sells these adorable coin purses!

May at Mays Quilteblog is a talented knitter. I am so drawn to these socks & slippers! I would love to try a pattern like this.

And look at this adorable little dress that Toja from Tojas Puslerier has knit!

Mari at ZewNice in Ålgård is making cool table runners:

And just look at this fabulous hand-knit Christmas stocking that I found on Skaperglede!

I found this quilt at Ann Marie‘s website. It’s in a book called Simply Fat Quarters by It’s Sew Emma. And guess what?! I also have this book. What a world…quilters are all on the same page everywhere you go!

…and another thing we have in common is a cabin. Kinda looks familiar, eh?

Last but not least we’ll pop in for a little visit with Cecilie who blogs over at Bergfraus in Sunndal, Møre og Romsdal in Norway:

Thanks for joining me on a whirlwind tour of Norway!



Let’s go to Finland!

As you may know, I’ve been taking a Northern Studies course (Introduction to the Circumpolar World) and since I love textiles, quilts, knits and all things that require stitches to make, I thought it would be fun to tour around some of the circumpolar blog world and take a look at what’s up  in other Northern countries! Maybe I’ll go there someday in person, but for today, lets take a cyber visit and skip on over to Finland. Grab a cup of glögi (mulled wine) and let’s get going!

I don’t understand a word of Finnish, so this will be a photo-tour. Here is a little glimpse into what’s going on over at Ajatusten Aalloilla in pictures:


Eija Kause has a blog called TILKKUTAIDE in Finnish (of course) but with bits and pieces of English. I learned that she is a hairdresser who quilts in her spare time and enjoys time at her lake-side cottage. Oh! We have something in common, eh? Here is what Eija has been up to:


…and I assume this is her lake-side cottage: beautiful!

Then I found myself over at Inglborg’s Lotta and found this picture. Dogs and quilts seem to go together no matter where in the world you live. And just look at that beautiful quilt – such beauty in simplicity!

Love this shot, too:

Ina at Ina-Knits spins and knits and sometimes uses Drops patterns, which I have only recently discovered myself! Love the smallness of our world sometimes!


A quick visit over to Töölön Tilkkupaja – tikkauspalvelu:

And last (but not least!) we’ll visit the Finn Quilt show, photos courtesy of Life’s a Quilt in Vaasa, Finland:


I hope you enjoyed our brief tour of Finland!





On the go!

We arrived in Vancouver and then caught a shuttle to Harbour Air for the flight to Nanaimo. This is our ride ( the big one). Whoop whoop! I LOVE flying and was so excited when I realized we would be in a float plane. Silly me…the name “Harbour Air” didn’t give away the surprise at all! I was a bit disappointed that we’ll be in the larger one instead of the smaller, but really, it’s so exciting that it doesn’t really matter. Maybe Hubby will leave a comment taking what kinds of planes these are. The big one is an Otter, I think.