One Yukon Minute

Todays minute was filmed last Saturday at the Fox Lake Cabin. The sound you hear in the background is the generator running. We had been splitting wood with the wood splitter, and I left my post for a few minutes to take some pictures and film this minute. Seems like a quintessential Yukon minute…It was about -18 that afternoon. Just about perfect. Enjoy!

And a few stills…





One Yukon Minute: Sept 29, 2012 @ Fox Lake Campground

This month I’m joining Blogtoberfest with the goal of blogging as many days this month as I can. Since I don’t have internet at theLake, I’ll probably miss the Saturday posts, but that’s okay. I’ll be blogging in spirit. Visit the Blogtoberfest link on the sidebar and check out what everyone else has to say this month!

Today I would like to offer you another Yukon minute. The purpose of One Yukon Minute is to give you a chance to escape from the busyness of your day and take a moment to simply breathe and reflect. I invite you to turn on your speakers, press “play”, and enjoy one meditative minute on the house. Try it – it’s free!

This is the stream at Fox Lake campground, taken September 29th, 2012.

One Yukon Minute: Fox Lake Sept 23, 2012

 Sometimes we forget to stop and just rest our eyes on something beautiful in nature. We are so plugged in: the radio is playing, ear buds are in, and there are traffic noises or the background hum of appliances. We forget how important it is to just listen to the wind in the leaves or the waves on the shore. We forget to clear our minds and simply breathe.

I am going to practice stopping and listening and observing. I am going to practice just being for a few moments at a time.

Here is the first of what I hope will become a series many minutes that I can share with you. I’m going to call the series “One Yukon Minute”. My aim is simply to provide a minute that you can take out of your day to just be. So turn off your radio. Take the buds out of your ears. Turn the computer’s volume on, sit back, and relax for just one minute.

 This was taken at our cabin at Fox Lake on September 23rd, 2012.