Your Opinion Needed!

Well, I’m ready to start putting Nora’s Star quilt together. I’ve made 15 blocks, and after squaring them up and taking a good hard look, I’ve chosen my favourite 12 to go into the quilt. I’ve also decided to sash them. For you non-quilters, sashing means to frame each square with fabric strips. As an example, here are two pictures: the one on the left is un-sashed. The one on the right has white sashing.





So, as I said, I’ve decided to sash each block as a way of pulling them all together and add a bit of extra width and length to the quilt. And I need some help deciding! I have three options: White sashing, Yellow sashing, or Navy Blue. Here are pictures of the yellow and navy blue options:





Of the three options, I like the white sashing the least. I’m torn between the yellow and the blue, but I’ll post all three for you to see. The yellow would be easiest to hand quilt, and would look nice because I’m using the same yellow for the backing. The blue would be harder to hand quilt because it has a gold print overlay. And the white would show the seam allowances. I could also use the yellow for sashing and backing, and the blue for binding. Or the yellow for sashing and outer border with a narrow navy inside border. Or just the opposite: Navy sashing and inner border with yellow backing and binding. sigh. You see my problem?

Anyway,  I could sure use your opinion! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about the sashing in the three layouts below! Thanks!

Yellow with gold & cream flower print:







Navy Blue with gold fleur de lies:







plain white: