Good Monday Morning!

Good morning! Isn’t it wonderful to have a four-day weekend? I am feeling so relaxed . And yet I feel that I have accomplished so much at the same time! On Friday Kelly and I loaded up everything that we had set aside for a garage sale and donated it to the annual diabetes fundraiser. This is a giant garage sale where all proceeds go towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We took over an entire pick-up truck load. Honestly, I don’t think we could have crammed one more thing in! I hope it earns a few dollars towards a very good cause. And the second good cause is that I don’t have to pack it up and move it! Yay!

Friday evening we headed out to the cabin in hopes of a clear night or two so that Kelly could set up his scopes. No luck. It clouded over minutes after we arrived. Seems this happens to us a lot! We spent Saturday relaxing. I read a book and worked on my orange peel quilt. I only have eight more squares to applique and I am loving the super scrappy-ness. I don’t think it will be long now!


I took my sister’s quilt out with me, too, with hopes of getting an entire frame segment quilted…but I forgot to take the quilting thread! Arrgh! It’s a lot of work to pack that big quilt up and haul it around with me, so I wasn’t too happy with myself. But then, I did get an awful lot done on the orange peel quilt, so it’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other and I’m happy with my handiwork.

Remember the knee socks I knit for Amber last month?






Well, I had an itty bitty bit of wool left over, and so I decided to try knitting an itty bitty pair of socks. Aren’t they sweet? And no, I don’t have a new-born to give them to, but someday I will! (aaak! not mine! I’m a fair bit beyond that ability, lol!). I mean that someday I am sure someone I know will announce a new arrival, and then I will be prepared!



Last month I started a new project. I had an afternoon of play in my sewing room – an afternoon of no expectations. No bee blocks to make. No BOM blocks to make. Just me and my cutting board and my fabric stash and a whole lotta ideas & patterns to sort through. An afternoon where I could do or make anything I wanted. Anything at all! Luxury indeed! And what did I make? Chinese Lanterns!  I started something and I’m not sure what it will end up as, but OH, I am full of ideas and plans!



Yesterday Number One Son came over for spaghetti, and I made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies for dessert. Oh, Yum! Aaaak diet!

And what am I going to do today?  Today is a homework day for the creative writing class I’m taking on Wednesday nights. I have to do a critique on a piece written by a classmate (a really good scarey short story) and I have to work on revisions to two pieces that are due in two weeks. I don’t have a lot of time, so today is for tea and writing. There’s so much happy creativity going on around here, I can hardly breathe for the joy of it!

What are YOU doing on this marvelous Monday?

Today I’m linking up in two places: it’s New FO Linky Party day over at Cat Patches and Fresh Sewing Day/Small Blog Meet over at Lily’s Quilts.


  1. Your Chinese lanterns are great, and I love your little socks. I have some of those “someday” projects hanging around too. Thanks for linking up!

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