Cabin contentment

Dear Vi,

I’ve turned my chair to look North, where a thunderstorm is slowly working its way down the lake. I sat knitting for an hour or so while Kelly napped in the cabin and listened to thunder rumbling in the distance, wind in the trees, the snick of my knitting needles, the pair of baby ravens learning how to talk as they danced in the sky around their mother.

We have been in the Yukon about five weeks now, ensconced in our cabin at Fox Lake, totally off the grid and being quite antisocial, to tell you the truth.
But I shouldn’t say we. I spent more than three weeks of that time here completely on my own while Kelly was away having an adventure of his own.
He was hired to ferry this beautiful vintage airplane to the Yukon from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. I’ll tell you more about that in the next letter, I promise.
As consolation for not being allowed to go, too, the day he left, I stopped into The Itsy Bitsy Yarn Shop  (yes, that is really their name) in downtown Whitehorse and treated myself to enough wool to knit myself a sweater in Heritage, from the Briggs & Little Wool Mill in Harvey, New Brunswick. The colour is called Fawn.
The pattern is called Mandolin from the latest issue (Fall 2018) of Knitty Magazine.
It’s coming along well, considering the only thing I really know how to knit is socks. In fact, it’s coming along so fast, I might just have to go buy more yarn and make it a two-sweater summer!
What are you working on this summer?


  1. Learning to enjoy your own company is what most of us need to do more of…certainly time of reflection…You are really making tracks on that project Nita! You will soon need a bigger basket. We just watched The English Patient and were watching the airplane used in WW11 which looked much like what Kelly flew. Interesting that it is flown from the rear and the passenger is up front!

  2. THERE YOU ARE!!! I think of you on and off and now know where you’ve been. July finds me enjoying a few weeks of solitude too. I spend most mornings and some evenings stitching on our deck too. I go for daily walks. I breathe. When life slow down like this more me…it takes me awhile to adjust. I try to be intentional on enjoying the solitude and not letting it get mixed up with lonliness. Glad you are getting so much knitting done. (Love that color and pattern) Any sewing????

  3. Hi Nita I am glad you are enjoying your solitude. Your sweater looks beautiful. I have learned to crochet this past winter. Since January I have done 4 1/2 large blankets, 2 baby blankets, about 12 beer cozy mitts and a bunch of reusable crochet balloons for water fights.

    Mom is good still taking care of Dad and Laurie and the kids are good. Jimmy and Raynor will be up on the 25th till the 7th of August.

  4. I wondered where you were! =) I should have known. What a lovely poetic beginning. I can tell you are a writer! The sweater looks fabulous. As a non-knitter, I’m in awe. Your husband’s adventure sounds great, too. I look forward to reading about it. Welcome back!

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