The Joyful letter J

   Wishing you a joyful Saturday. I hope you spend today doing something that makes you happy.  This morning Mr C and I are enjoying a good visit with old friends…good coffee and good conversation, lots of laughter. Later we’ll be celebrating our son’s birthday with my sisters & brothers-in-law. Good food, good conversation. Laughter… Continue reading The Joyful letter J

A Special Day and a Special Gift for You!

Today is a special day for two reasons! First, it is my little sister’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Heidi! Second… This is my 100th blog post! Happy 100th blog post to me! To celebrate writing 100 on-line letters,  I want to give you all a special gift. I’d like you to close your office door, or go into… Continue reading A Special Day and a Special Gift for You!